Returning to Zionism Series

In partnership with the American Zionist Movement, IAN University is happy to announce its three-part series on Zionism and Jewish identity. What does Zionism mean to young American Jews today, and how do different streams of Judaism approach Zionism and Israel within their denominations?


October 7th

1:00 PM (EST)

Session One:
Young Voices on Zionism


What does Zionism mean to young American Jews today, and how are the next generation of Jewish communal leaders taking up space in the Zionist movement? To kick off the start of our IAN University Zionism Series, in partnership with AZM, we will be joined by several young Jewish professionals who are contributing to the Israel conversation. Join us for a discussion exploring the many ways that today’s emerging leaders are answering the question, “What makes me a Zionist?”


  • Jared Jackson, Founder & Executive Director of Jews in ALL Hues

  • Andrew Keene, Member of World Zionist Executive

  • Chloe Levian, Pre-law Student at UCLA

  • Moderated by Eden Cohen, Founder & President of A Wider Frame


October 14th

1:00 PM (EST)

Session Two:
Jewish Denominations
Approach Israel & Zionism


Jewish practice takes on many shapes and forms in North America. Given the wide breadth of denominational perspectives representing the complexity of our Jewish communities, what are the nuances in how religious movement leaders embrace Zionism and other Israel-related causes, and what can we learn from them? Join us for part two of our IAN University series in partnership with AZM, where we'll explore these questions and more, with denominational representatives spanning the Jewish spectrum.



October 19th

3:00 PM (EST)

Session Three:
Inside the World Zionist Congress


Coming Soon