The BDS movement is part of an increasingly sophisticated anti-Israel network whose impact not only harms Israel, but fosters antisemitism. The below materials examine these often misunderstood topics to provide Jewish communities, friends of Israel, and others working to fight hatred with an overview of BDS, as well the most up-to-date trends and tactics used by its supporters. 

  • ABCs of BDS

    Provides an overview of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, including its history, tactics, and true objectives.

  • Trends in BDS

    A look into how the BDS movement — having faced numerous defeats — is evolving in its attempts to delegitimize Israel.

  • Anti-Zionism & antisemitism

    How anti-Zionism and antisemitism relate is a nuanced topic. This document can help you identify when and how anti-Zionism can lead to such hatred and even violence.

  • Anti-Normalization

    The BDS movement rejects the normalization of relations between Israelis and Palestinians. Learn how this works against both parties, curtailing peace and coexistence efforts.

  • Campus Guide

    This guide compiles vital information from our campus partners and is an excellent resource for those seeking information on countering BDS and anti-Israel activity on campus.