Where We Work


The assault against Israel is widespread — from college campuses to churches and beyond.


We’re there, too. Learn more about our work in these spaces.


  • Campus Community

    College campuses are hotbeds of anti-Israel activity. IAN works to ensure that students and faculty have the tools, organizational capacity, and resources they need to effectively counter BDS and other anti-Jewish attacks on campus.

  • Community Strategy

    IAN helps educate and mobilize the Jewish community to challenge the BDS movement and other forms of delegitimization and antisemitism. When the local Federations and Jewish Community Relations Councils need guidance on how to counter a BDS threat, we assist with messaging, advocacy, and organizing.

  • Interfaith

    Several major faiths feel a powerful connection to Israel. We work with interfaith allies to build deeper understanding of a complex regional situation and discuss dialogue efforts in the Middle East. We also counter the reemergence of anti-Jewish theological motifs.

  • Constituency Outreach

    The majority of Americans, both Jewish and non Jewish, support a just and peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians. IAN works with allies in a variety of constituencies to build deeper understanding and positive engagement.

  • Legislation

    Attempts to isolate Israel from the international community are growing and are counterproductive to finding peace. IAN helps enact legislation that can play an important role in countering boycotts of Israel and fighting antisemitism.

  • Socially Responsible Investing

    Anti-Israel groups operate in the socially responsible investing space, encouraging divestment and pressuring companies not to do business with Israel. IAN is one of the few groups addressing these concerns head on.